Hoping for a better show…

Only to be let down again.
On and on, I have written about The Walking Dead, I have stood by it and encouraged its flaws, only to be let down again.

It’s no wonder this show makes you use your clichés and what-not. This show is full of them and they are dragging it down.

I hoped that, with the start of a new season, things will start moving. What the heck, we had Michonne, and we had the Governor (Philip? Really?!) and we had the Prison.

Those were important story arcs in the comic book, but they all oh-so-flawed and tedious, that I’m beginning to think I am watching a Saturday morning program instead of my usual dish of weekly zombies.

Yeah, so sue me. I have a thing for zombies and vampires and all of the supernatural, inexplicable things. And when I say that I have a thing for them, that means I love movies about them, TV shows about them, books about them. No matter how bad they are. I love bad TV as much as my popcorn, but that doesn’t mean I will encourage this anymore.

Since the new TWD season has started, only its fourth episode was worth watching. I mean, come on! Even the second season had a decent premiere, to say at least.

I was “OOOOK, where’s the action?”. I was expecting a bad ass Michonne, only to get a wannabe-grunty-young chick with 2 zombie-mules with no faces whatsoever. Where is the bad assery? I’ll tell you where it is: nowhere in sight. Michonne just disagrees with everyone, barely says a word and is a pale shadow of the comic book Michonne. Usually, that wouldn’t pose a problem, but when you need strong characters, and you get almost nothing, you kinda feel cheated.

Next: the Governor. WTF, Mazzara, WTF?! I was expecting a ruthless psycho that could strike fear just by looking at you. What do I get? A pedo-looking-Jesus-wannabe, clean and shaven sociopath aaaaaand… And that’s about it. I was expecting someone like Danny Trejo, with the eyes of Steve Buscemi. What’s the deal with this Governor? BTW, his name is Philip and only Andrea (of all the people!) gets to know it.

Next and the worst: the Prison. It’s not that the scenery is barely believable (because it is that way), it’s not that the convicts are unrealistic (because they’re not), it’s just that… I think it was forced. People were starting to get tired of the Farm thingy, so they got their Prison. Supposedly, 8 months have passed since the farm attack. But yet, except for Carl and Carol, little character development is seen. And their only evolution is that they get better at shooting. Things are starting to look bad in the group, with all the tensions and not-speaking to each other, that they gave T-Dogg new (and better) lines. When the black dude starts talking, you know he’s gonna die. Plus, they had one more black prisoner in the joint, so that’s one black dude too many.

What do I want? Episodes like Killer Within. Things happened, even though Michonne and Andrea float adrift in a sea of shit. Andrea is unrealistic and weird and annoying as usual, but that puts her in her normal spot. Michonne is awkward and wannabe-fierce, but accomplishes nothing. The Governor looks like a good uncle, that could rape his little nephew, but that doesn’t make him dangerous to the world, only a psycho. The Prison is on its way to good use, so this is where I’m directing my prayers. So far, only this episode will get my vote. Let’s see what happens next.