Review: Veronica Roth – Divergent Trilogy

What started as a genuine reading experience quickly faded into boring writing with fake thriller and never ending revolutions, that it seemed to completely miss the point. I don’t really know what the point was, but it missed it.

After reading Divergent, I dived right into Insurgent expecting the low-quality of the middle book ever so often experienced by trilogies these days.

Yes, Insurgent was as bad as expected, and I won’t delve on that right now. Instead, I’ll focus on the mess that is Allegiant, which promised us resolve of so many kinds and delivered none of that, and that whole shebang infuriated me.

Allegiant is not even a hot mess of a book, it just seems that everything is plastered over anything, like a homeless collage of shit that doesn’t belong together. Yes, I’ve read worse books than this one, but this didn’t have a proper ending, the characters are not evolving into something that resembles a functional human being, all their actions are child’s play at best and the lack of motivation is overwhelming.

There are some awkward love triangles, but then they’re not, revolutions are starting at every corner, with very little finality whatsoever, and all that suspense inducing lexicon is annoying.

The only quality I can think of when writing the word Allegiant over and over again is that it has the courage to kill its main character, namely the boring „small and little and petite child like” Tris Prior, in a final effort to raise some emotion from its readers. The only thing it got from me was a „thank god something finally happened here”.

To continue saying that this book is a contender for the spot the The Hunger Games trilogy currently holds is just a bad joke.