Is It Still Cheating If It’s Over?

Dear Marcus,

Sorry to be so blunt and leave you at the party like that, but you have to understand that my life, my party, my rules. So, even if I still think highly of you (no, I don’t) and even if my mom likes you (no, she doesn’t), I have to tell you the bitter truth.

Our relationship was fun and carefree for a moment there, but it lasted way too many hours and it had way too much drama for it to be fun anymore.

You were always gone, be it in Egypt, or Denmark, or wherever, so I stopped caring in little while.

When you were at home, you did nothing, you fucking piece of slobby ass. You just paraded me like a horse in front of your 40-year old friends with wrecked marriages and bald spots to spare.

I guess I took our relationship for granted, because, since you were never home, you could never perturb my habits. But you did! You did, with your nosy character and your closed little mind, so you were always checking up on me and you were a constant pain in my ass, despite your long leave of absence.

So I stopped caring. Who cares? And because I stopped caring for you, I started caring for someone else.

Sometimes I wondered if it was ok from my part to be such a dick, but then again, the dick was you and you weren’t a particular good dick at all. So I continued my dick moves, because they made me feel better.

This whole situation, corroborated with your absence, made me feel young again. I was taking chances, and I was having fun, and I was in a happy place. Everything was new and thrilling and enticing, so why the heck would I stop?

Just because of your sorry ass? No thank you, my perfectly good ass requires attention and spunk from time to time. Both of which you were unwilling to provide.

So yeah. This is my letter. This is my confession. I started cheating on you, but is it still cheating if it’s over?

Because our relationship was over before it started, and my new relationship with the new and improved me has so much more to offer than your boring presence.

I left you, Marcus. I left you for me and believe me – it was all your fault.

Forever mine,

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