Letter to My Unborn Mother

Hello you, I thought I’d stop by,
See how you’re doing.
I just hope you’re fine.
I’m doing well, thanks, and sometimes I miss you,
But most days I go on without thiniking of you.
I hope you’re warm,
Mostly I hope you’re safe.
I hope I’m not a disappointment,
Though you never said you’re proud of me.
I tried my best not to become you,
Not to repeat your past mistakes,
I really hope I managed to do that,
Because most days I feel like a failure.
I’m not in your world, because I shunned it away,
I’m not part of this world either,
Because I lack the basic knowledge on how to be a proper being.
I’m irrational, scared and alone so many times,
I’ve lied to people about you,
About me.
I tried to be the best, and I failed so many times,
I never got the chance to be friendly with people,
And I’m so angry, so often and so wild.
Hi, Mom, I wish I could’ve been better.
I wish you could’ve been better.
For me, for you, for all the gods.
Now let me sleep outside the fogs

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