Internet Affair

Thank God that this is only an internet affair.
She thought while typing furiously about kisses.
virtual kisses for a virtual man,
While her real man was in bed,
And loving.
Thank God he doesn’t know I know the Wi-Fi password.
She thought as she was imagining all the ways
She should have been kissed,
Or held,
Or loved,
Or whatever.

Thank God she doesn’t know I know.
He thought while reading the words she typed about kisses.
Those virtual kisses for a virtual man,
While he was real
And he was in her bed.
He read all that stuff about sleeping,
And loving,
And caring,
While thinking no one cares,
And no one loves,
And no one sleeps with somebody now.
So why is he sad?
Why is he hurt?
It’s only an internet affair
And she knows the Wi-Fi password.

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