Baby do you even know my sides?
I see you once a week
And then I kiss him on the cheek
And I talk to him all night
Still you quiet all my frights.

I have you on my left,
Because I am always right and good
And then I go at home and eat my food
While sitting on another left.
Everything I do with you is theft.

Baby are you even scared?
Everything that’s holy and complete
I’m making messes to make ends meet
I’m lying and I’m cheating.
All the wars are false and I am winning.

Is It Still Cheating If It’s Over?

Dear Marcus,

Sorry to be so blunt and leave you at the party like that, but you have to understand that my life, my party, my rules. So, even if I still think highly of you (no, I don’t) and even if my mom likes you (no, she doesn’t), I have to tell you the bitter truth.

Our relationship was fun and carefree for a moment there, but it lasted way too many hours and it had way too much drama for it to be fun anymore.

You were always gone, be it in Egypt, or Denmark, or wherever, so I stopped caring in little while.

When you were at home, you did nothing, you fucking piece of slobby ass. You just paraded me like a horse in front of your 40-year old friends with wrecked marriages and bald spots to spare.

I guess I took our relationship for granted, because, since you were never home, you could never perturb my habits. But you did! You did, with your nosy character and your closed little mind, so you were always checking up on me and you were a constant pain in my ass, despite your long leave of absence.

So I stopped caring. Who cares? And because I stopped caring for you, I started caring for someone else.

Sometimes I wondered if it was ok from my part to be such a dick, but then again, the dick was you and you weren’t a particular good dick at all. So I continued my dick moves, because they made me feel better.

This whole situation, corroborated with your absence, made me feel young again. I was taking chances, and I was having fun, and I was in a happy place. Everything was new and thrilling and enticing, so why the heck would I stop?

Just because of your sorry ass? No thank you, my perfectly good ass requires attention and spunk from time to time. Both of which you were unwilling to provide.

So yeah. This is my letter. This is my confession. I started cheating on you, but is it still cheating if it’s over?

Because our relationship was over before it started, and my new relationship with the new and improved me has so much more to offer than your boring presence.

I left you, Marcus. I left you for me and believe me – it was all your fault.

Forever mine,

Do All Guys Cheat?

I don’t know. But I bet they’re thinking about it.

I’m not sure of how many girls cheat, I’m not sure if I would cheat like, ever (Valley girl-like tone)! But I know one thing for sure.

Everybody is thinking about it.

I thought about it, even if I was single or not. It’s a question of morale, but it’s a hard test to pass in real life.

You have to think about it, if you wanna lie, or come clean, or just plain forget about it. But you also have to think about the other option – do you want to know? Do you need to know? What would you do if you have a cheater next to you?

I sometimes wonder how would it be if I were to cheat on someone. Based on my past experiences, it would be someone who’d I think of as a good partner, a steady rock or something. I’d also like for the one I’m cheating with to be a girl. It feels more safe, a little less prejudiced and a little more loving.

But I also wonder how would it be if someone were to cheat on me (note: I only know of this one guy who sort of cheated on me, but not quite). I am the forgiving type, not a big fan of revenge, so I guess he’d be clean in no time.

Do all people cheat? Who knows? People aren’t true to themselves, do you really think they’re gonna tell you their darkest secret?



Everybody cheats. I do it with you. You do it with me. She does it in school. He does it at his job. Who cares in which way we cheat? We always do!

Wether it’s a smile, or a formula, or the change at the supermarket, we always cheat.
You always say you’re righteous, but you’re not. Sooner or later, the scum in you will find a way.

And when it does, be ready. Cause you’ll find it’s easier to cheat and lie than to resist it. You’ll find you’re weak and worthless, just like everyone else.

So don’t take pride in your inability to find reasons to cheat. For now.
Sooner, rather than later, you’ll find out just how big of a lie you are.