The First Lesson

I forgot how good it is to step outside this world looking for new views and new feelings. Looking back at the old ones, this doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all. Life’s here to make us miserable, it’s only up to us to kick it down and step on it.

This is that time of the year that comes with the reevaluating of the goods, the ascertaining (is that even a word?!) of the situation and the well-adjusted plan. This time, I won’t have any of that.

No plan of mine was a failure, but today I don’t need plans. I just need to find myself. And that’s the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. I’m guessing that this first lesson of mine is about redescovering myself.

Definitely, this year will be about making the most out of whatever the heck I have on my plate and transform it in a big dinner for 80. This year will be about me, trying to be the best at whatever, without the guilt, the trauma, the drama, the tears and the fights. This year will be whatever is that I missed for the last few years.

This is why I don’t want your presents. This is why I don’t want your presence.
This is why I want to move on from you, in any way possible. Cause you, my dear old self, are the worst thing that ever happened to me and I am pretty sure I don’t like you in my life.

My first lesson this year will be about moving. The next one will about learning. And maybe the next one will be a complete surprise, cause I have no idea what’s it that I am missing right now, but I am dying to find out.

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