Everybody cheats. I do it with you. You do it with me. She does it in school. He does it at his job. Who cares in which way we cheat? We always do!

Wether it’s a smile, or a formula, or the change at the supermarket, we always cheat.
You always say you’re righteous, but you’re not. Sooner or later, the scum in you will find a way.

And when it does, be ready. Cause you’ll find it’s easier to cheat and lie than to resist it. You’ll find you’re weak and worthless, just like everyone else.

So don’t take pride in your inability to find reasons to cheat. For now.
Sooner, rather than later, you’ll find out just how big of a lie you are.


4 comentarii la „Cheater

  1. Surprisingly, I don’t cheat when it comes to values. I consider cheaters „deserters” and assume they deserve maximum punishment (no matter what they’re cheating on). Yes, working with me is a pleasure :))

    • I still believe that someday, one way or another, everyone will be given the chance to cheat. And they will take it, and use it and make the most out of it. :))
      But regarding the punishment, there is no greater punishment than the one you give yourself. 🙂 That, if you have some morals in you. If you don’t, karma. :))

  2. It depends on the broken values. I don’t cheat in relationships or at work and never will. As for the punishment, trust me…giving actual punishment for cheating is far more effective than „the punishment you give yourself”. See the latest BAC results for an idea 😛

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