Review: Maroon 5 – V

The previous Maroon 5 effort was kind of a let down, since Overexposed didn’t manage to acquire the silent slickness of Hands All Over, so I was hoping for a change of heart (and beat too) from V.

I’ve been in love with the band (and Adam too, why the heck not?) for so long, 10 long years of love, hope, trust, mistrust, happiness and heartbreak, it was only fair that, 10 years after the first meeting, I should be hopeful about V (which is pronounced „five” y’all, my favorite number).

I wanted so much to like the album, so I’ve been listening for a few days now, on a continuous, happy loop, and I managed to find some forever favorites.

Maps is not a powerful first single, I really thought they could have done it better, but hey! You get what you get or deserve or whatever, the song starts out weak and I remember not liking it at first, but now it’s quite catchy, even though it’s not a brilliant song. I guess Adam’s falsetto can be annoying and cute at the same time. (7.5/10)

I am under the impression that Animals should be the sexy song of the album – after all, preaches primal, sexy sex, so yeah. I guess that’s what they’re going for, even though the beat is predictable, the bass is sometimes boring, and Adam sounds bored too. It’s not a bad song, but not a great one, and I’m starting to sense a pattern here… (8/10)

Oh, Adam, It Was Always You! 80s’ sound?! Check! Adam’s falsetto? Check? Synths? Check! The song is the peak of the album so far, almost as if the slow start of Maps and Animals were building to this great 80s’ electronica piece. Just lovely! And I wanna see this more often, Adam! It suits you. (9/10)

And because Maroon 5 are really good at declaring stuff, romantic stuff, of course, Unkiss Me is that once in a lifetime declarative ballad. It’s perfectly mushy, with a barely there bass, with incredibly romantic lyrics and a sincere Adam on the lead vocals that makes my heart melt. You can almost hear the heart break… (10/10)

And because food is always a metaphor for sex – for Maroon 5, at least (remember Kiwi?), we have Sugar. Food and sex. Raw emotion, 80s’ sound, a white, sexier Prince. Awesome beat and sexy lyrics, and I can almost feel Adam kissing me. Ok, not kissing me per se, but still… (9/10)

Then Leaving California happens and I’m like „dude, WTF?!”. I’m not really sure what’s with this song, except that it’s a very dull filler. (6/10)

In Your Pocket. Ugh. I can’t even. Yeah, it’s dancey and stuff, but. Ugh. Jealousy and stuff. (4/10)

New Love must be my favorite song off of the album. It’s danceable as fuck, Adam abuses his notorious falsetto, also he makes quite the declaration of love, the 80s’ are uber strong with this one, and the lyrics are fun, enjoyable and sincere. (10/10)

And then there’s Coming Back for You. Is this Tears for Fears or something that the 80s’ rejected with vicious hate or what the actual fuck happened here? (6/10)

Feelings makes me want to go to the gym and perform the choreography from Physical. But that’s only until the chorus starts, because that’s when weird stuff starts happening and I wanna go out of here. (7/10)

My Heart is Open. Oh, the epitome of boring. Sorry, Ms. Stefani, your contribution on this song is awful, your voice is so masculine next to Adam’s, and… Oh, dear God, no. (5/10)

If you have the chance to listen to the Deluxe edition of the album, then you have three more songs that are actually quite interesting.

Shoot Love is not so great, but a whole lot better that My Heart is Open. The beat is catchy, I could move on this one if only it were more remarcable. I also find it really good for speeding on the highway. (7/10)

Sex and Candy, because sex and food. We already covered that part. But Adam wants a new approach. This song is a bit slicker, a bit dirtier, a bit subtle, but still ever so sexy, ever so 80s and awesome. The bass line makes me want to buy a strip pole and dance, but who cares, right? Mom, please don’t read this! (8.5/10)

Lost Stars the last song from the Deluxe edition and everyone who saw Begin Again (not me, unfortunately) knows it. I like the dreamy sound of it, the hopeful sound of it. It sends me so much love, I want to be in love. I almost forgot that Adam can bring me so much love in just one song… (9/10)