Exterminating angels,
Leaving them without mass,
Without enough gas
For them to breathe through the ages.


This is my weapon,
My truth and my bone,
And as I’m stepping on bodies,
I’m never alone.


I’ll show you the rancid smell of the rain
That’s washing away all the stiffs.
I’ll show the death and the sun and the cliffs
And I’ll show you my gun and my final goodbye,
I’ll let you die
And you won’t know why.
The heavens are hollow,
The hells are so empty.
There’s nothing to swallow,
But my fingers – twenty.


I started with toes,
But nothing it does,
Went up and away on my body because
Besides me, there’s no meat on this earth,
The world has no worth.


I devoured the world in one single bite,
Behind me I left only dusty white
To cover the earth and the waters and skies,
It will cover the world when I’ll close my eyes.