Bad Boys

I am a sucker for bad boys, every girl is, in a certain way. Mine is that I like my bad boys in films and books, but only if they have a softer side.

I am amazed how many people consider Merle from The Walking Dead awesome, when he looks and sounds just like that drunken uncle that did stuff to you when you were 7.

I am in awe how many people used to like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even more than they liked Angel, the original vampire with a soul.

I am surprised to see people liking Eric and Pam from True Blood, as well as the numbers of people who like Hank Moody (men and women alike) from Californication and House from House, MD.

I just look at The Walking Dead, when Rick the Sherrif starts to act all crazy badass and people seem to love him more and more.

The Walking Dead had its share of crazy dudes and also dudettes, but while the women were bashed constantly, Shane and Daryl and Merle were always on top.

As I said, I like my share of rude boys, but please, show some soul, guys. I could never like the Governor, he’s batshit crazy. Merle looks like a recovering alcoholic. Hank Moody is a waste of time.

Jax from Sons of Anarchy could be a good thing. Spike was funny before and after receiving a soul. Vex, from Lost Girl, is funny as hell, though only recurring.

Don’t give me that crap with Bill from True Blood, or Sam. Give us Eric or Alcide, they are worth the trouble. Give us Damon or Klaus, but give us something!

After all, not all bad guys are Agent Smith.