No, You Don’t Love Fall

I live in this part of the world where autumn is not adored, but met with „ah, dammit” from people trying to stay dry on their feet. Bucharest is a dusty, dirty city, where drivers step on it and on us (the pedestrians), where people on bicycles do not comply with the simplest of rules and where the air is polluted 99,99% of the time.

I, myself, am a girl of the summer. I like dresses and sandals and the ease that comes with all of that. I love walking and I’d do it all day long, if not for this little thing called job. I like to see happy people enjoying a drink, I like to go shopping, I like to feel free, and summer gives me that opportunity.

I also enjoy springtime, when the bees and the birds and the trees and all that. It’s the magical season of rebirth, so what’s not to love? People are happy, the grass is green(er), so let’s get a movin’, then.

The winter is ok-ish. That’s because I am born in this cold season, but there are also different reasons to celebrate. Starting with Saint Nicholas (Mos Nicolae, for us), going through Christmas (3 days of Christmas are more than enough, thank you!), New Year’s Eve (that’s spelled party), New Year (the after party) and my birthday (just a few days apart). I also appreciate the fact that Bucharest has mild winters, but I wouldn’t rely on that. (We sometimes end up with muddy streets and/or windy days and/or below zero temperatures several days in a row.)

So, why don’t I like autumn?

I love the fashion, though. I love the scarfs, and the tights, and the skirts, and the jackets, and the coats. I love all that Oxford-y vibe autumn has, it makes me want to wear Oxford shoes with over the knee socks every day. But I hate the frickin’ rain. It rains, and when it rains, it pours. And when it pours, I feel like Noah left me here to drown. And Noah, I don’t know how to swim! What the fuck, Noah?!

So, no. I don’t like autumn. Maybe if it were a little bit nicer to me, maybe if it had positive temperatures or if it were to rain only at night, I’d understand. But I hate getting soaking wet. I hate the awful cold. I hate not being able to wear my skirts.

This autumn in particular has the kind of weather that makes me think that, if I leave my coat on, I’ll get severely ill, but if I put on my winter jacket, it’ll be too hot. It makes me think that none of my shoes are fit for this weather and wetness, but I can’t start wearing my boots just yet.

And I hate your pumpkin spice stuff! Stop throwing it into my face!