The Walking Dead – Season Finale Review

I watched The Walking Dead season finale last night, of course, since I’m such an avid fan.
To be honest, I remember almost nothing from this season, maybe except for a few things:

– Rick’s going nuts, and then ruthless

– Carl seems to be a better leader than all of them combined (or at least, he’s capable to make choices when the need arises)

– T-Dog died, as expected

– Carol seems to carry her weight pretty good (unlike her comic book counterpart)

– yay Daryl!, everyone’s new god, with his emo haircut and his weird poncho

– Glenn’s heart’s not in it (I’m guessing an impending doom is quite near)

– Maggie seems to be the only likeable female, but her accent really slips and the sexual assault scene was so bad, it makes me cringe, even now

– oh, we also have Hershel and his other daughter and some prisoners; but after a while, the prisoners are dead, the other Hershel daughter likes to sing songs by the fire and Hershel is the ever-present conscience, since we don’t have Dale anymore

– what can I say about Lori? Mostly nothing, she’s dead, a bad dead wife.

– enter Michonne, who spent half the season grunting, and the rest of it chasing wild dreams of killing the Governor

– enter Merle, who looks like a dead beat alcoholic and has a nifty blade instead of his right hand; I felt like his death did the character some justice, after being antagonistic for such a long time

– enter the Governor, a raging asshole sociopath with a knick for stupid women (mostly Andrea)

– enter Andrea, who’s willing to sleep her way through for a warm bed and a roof over her head; also, she „wanted to save everyone”. Yeah, right!

– also, stupid people from Woodbury (Milton, Martinez, all others) and also Tyrese and his confused group.

If I would have to grade this season, I would say a 6. I don’t remember particular scenes or episodes, it wasn’t memorable at all.

If I would have to grade this season finale, I would say a 7. There were some unexpected things that raised this grade, but not that many. What I enjoyed the most was:

– Michonne letting Rick know she found out about his (short) betrayal
– Carl doing what he had to do (I’m guessing he likes to start shooting people now, and this excuse is so good in that day and age; also, if he would to become some kind of a Governor with the same thirst for blood, wouldn’t that be awesome?!)
– The Governor turning his gun on his people
– Andrea getting bit by Milton, none the less.

Let’s see where did the Governor ran and how will it be the next time he clashes with Rick.