Review: Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour & Nirvana

samsmithIt was bound to happen. You know how much I love music and how much I obsess over stuff like that and a simple search on my blogs will reveal the ugly truth: I am so enamored.

I just love the tenderness and the sadness and the loneliness in Sam Smith‘s gorgeous, full voice, and his album is exquisite, at least for a debut album that came out of nowhere.

As someone who felt pain at some point in her life, this album is spot on. The lyrics have a maturity I am not able to express when talking about love, the music is this great combination of orchestra, jazz, blues, soul and sincerity, and Sam’s voice is so overwhelming, I can’t seem to listen to anything else. It’s been almost a month since the release of In The Lonely Hour and it’s still the only thing I listen to.

Money On My Mind is so dancey, omg! The RnB beat is strong with this one. The blue eyed soul voice of Mr. Smith does great justice to this awesome beast of a song. The lyrics are simple, of course, but the emotions are never anything but complicated with Sam Smith, so the song is a great start of an awesome album. (10/10)

Good Thing is the second song from In The Lonely Hour and, as much as I can say that Money On My Mind is a great opener, and that I dislike La La La with all my ears, this one is the most meh song from the album. Yes, I like the lyrics, but the constant screeching of the guitar, and the hum-dum of the drum cannot hide the mediocrity of Good Thing. (5/10)

Stay With Me is probably the song I bugged you with the most. It’s so perfect in its simplicity and honesty, and I can see myself dancing at my wedding (lol) on this beautiful piece of love story. Hope, dreams, patience, respect. Love. It has them. (20/10)

Leave Your Lover is my current obsession and the song that made me want to write the review. I must’ve listened to it 100 times yesterday, on my way back home. This plea is so full of hope, yet so realistically sad, so sincere and depressing, it will forever send chills down my spine. Sam Smith‘s vocals on this song are truly amazing, he makes me see that orange sunset-y color all around me whenever I hear this song. (12/10)

I’m Not The Only One – I never know what this song is about. I guess Good Thing has competition in a mediocrity contest with this one, but for me, it’s just „skipskipskip” whenever this song is on. (5/10)

I’ve Told You Now seems to be the spoiled kid’s response to the one thing he cannot have. The beat of the song blends with the bratty voice Sam Smith employs on this piece, and I gotta say I love the determined attitude on I’ve Told You Now. (8.5/10)

Like I Can comes with the 90s vibe, with a guitar that never breaks the rhythm, with a drum that follows a secret road inside the singer’s heart with such accuracy, it’s heart warming. I just love the song for all the positive vibe it sends me and I can imagine some matured Spice Girls singing this one with great success. (9/10)

Life Support will forever be a favorite of mine. The dependency, the kleptomaniac feeling this song induces me is overwhelming. This is the dark side of Sam Smith and it is gorgeous as ever. Also, the hip hop beats blend with his cries for help and love so perfectly, I feel like crying just thinking about Life Support. (10/10)

Not In That Way – I’ll come back after I’m done crying. This song will bring you to your knees, believe you me. Not In That Way is exactly what it appears to be – a ballad about an unrequited love story. It has raw emotion, raw sadness, sincerity, and when Mr. Smith says „You will never know that feeling / You will never see through these eyes” it’s truly gut wrenching and it makes me stand still waiting for the sorrow to stop.(11/10)

Lay Me Down is one of my favorite songs of the album (I know it feels like I’m saying this about every song from In The Lonely Hour, it is not true!). Another request, a sensible request, of course, from Mr. Smith. Got to love his vocal mastery on this piece. His voice conveys hope and hurt and a plea for happiness, all the while trying to hold it together. (10/10)

Restart – so 90s, so dancey and groovy, can’t help but loving it! I dunno what makes me love this song – its simplicity, or the vintage vibe it sends, but I never skip it. (9/10)

Latch – this is, I guess, the third Sam Smith song I heard, the Disclosure version, of course, and I was forever hooked. The acoustic version, however, is so much better. It has pure emotions and Sam Smith has this eerie voice, like he’s in another plane, where only love and happiness exist. That plane must be awesome, because this song, with its violins, is so beautiful, it can only spell love. (12/10)

La La La – oh, well, I must admit I hated this one. So badly! Omg, I can’t even listen to it now. Yes, Mr. Smith has an awesome voice, but the La La La part just brings me down. The La La La part sung by the kid, of course. I also don’t like the video, so that adds to the sum of factors that make me skip this patience challenge of mine. (7/10)

Make It To Me is, again, one of the most beautiful live songs of the album. Simple, this piano driven tune is so frickin’ gorgeous and hopeful, and Sam Smith’s voice is so conveying, carrying the emotion beyond ear buds and stereo speakers and into my achy breaky heart. (10/10)

Safe With Me – because Mr. Smith experiments also and because why not. I am unsure how to describe this one, even if it’s intoxicating and so RnB, I can’t even begin to describe the whole feeling to you! It’s like Timbaland came and put his little Midas finger on Sam Smith and stuff happened. (12/10)

Together – because Disclosure is always a good idea. I gotta say I love this combination of soul and funk and electro, I only see green neon lights whenever this song hits my ears. (10/10)

Nirvana is the second song I heard from Mr. Smith, and I’ve been hooked on him ever since (the first one was La La La and you already know my opinion on it). So slick, so 70s, so reactive – so addictive! And the vocals – oh my god the vocals are so truly sexy and sensual and promising! Very good job, Mr Smith! (12/10)

The whole album, along with the Nirvana EP, brings me peace, and love, and hope. Sam Smith’s voice is a sweet medicine that mends broken hearts, and his lyrics, while simple, are sincere and upfront. I will never tire of listening to his music, I can tell. If only I could see him live…