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Actually, no, don’t do that. I come from this magical place, where people are not up in each others’ butt, so maybe, just maybe, seeing that someone is friends with some other someone I barely know isn’t an open invitation to „add” them to my social network.

As I child/teen, I used to say that I don’t have a phone, just to skip that moment when people would call me. When I finally got a mobile phone (remember when they used to call them that?), I got the plan which allowed me to pay little to nothing on texts and it also gave the possibility to call people, if I ever needed to do such a wild thing.

I’m not big on socializing, and this has turned me into this weird, awkward being. Or maybe I was already broken and unsociable and the internet has done nothing to fight off this disease.

I don’t know what’s the cause or maybe if there’s a cure, but I live in constant fear of someone asking me to friend them on Facebook. I had to explain a few days ago why I don’t do the „Add friend” thing. I’m afraid, very afraid, that maybe I’m gonna be disrespectful, or maybe that I am disturbing something important, or maybe that I look to desperate.

Something in the lines of that.

See, now, I don’t hate people. But it’s actually really had to talk and approach someone you know, I find it incredibly difficult to stalk people on social media (another shitty thing I’m no good at).

Friend me maybe?

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