Review: Lost Girl

Let me tell about TV shows, cause I happen to know a thing or two abou the subject. You’re given Lost Girl, one of the most campiest and funniest TV series ever, almost on the first place out there with Buffy and all that.

In Lost Girl you have friendship, and love, and betrayal, and alliances, and mystery, and family, and it’s so much fun, and annoying, and confusing, it’s got to be the best (or, at least, one of the best) TV shows there is!

Last night I watched, no… I enjoyed the newest stuff from Lost Girl, and boy, it was awesome! It started off so weird, and I was pissed and amazed at the same time. Lots of WTF moments.

And let me tell you something. This is what TV is all about. To scare you and thrill you, to make you want more. To get out of one episode all confused, only to clarify it all at the end of the season.

With Lost Girl I sometimes don’t know what’s happening. The universe of this show is so complex and so tangled, it’s doesn’t resemble any mythology in particular, but it’s more like a patchwork of these many stories from different cultures, so you never know what to expect.

OK, I admit, the actors are not the greatest, but they manage to pull off at least decent performances in this show. The story beats everything, though. And oh my God, do I love Kenzi!

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