it’s easy to be mad,
to feel like you’re fighting the wrong way.
maybe you’re saying too much, or not enough.
you feel the ties, and then you feel like it’s a one way street,
and then you keep guessing what’s their next move,
it’s like a never ending movie
of rollercoaster rides,
of trying to ride the tides,
of not getting enough sleep or clarity,
of feeling like you’re asking for charity.
and yes, it’s easy to be mad,
when you’re only mad at yourself.
for being weak,
for being too strong,
too lame or too independent,
too angry, or too dependent,
careless or too demanding,
and there’s no right way of feeling these feelings,
but there’s a very wrong way to express them.
take your time, because they took everything from you.
you need to rebuild, you need to be thrilled.
let them have your old you, it’s easy to sleep with ghosts.
keep your new you to yourself, and move to the other coast.
it’s okay to be mad, it’s okay to be scared,
let your anger fuel you and let it be shared
with the root of all evil, this handsome devil,
that, in their stupid way, brought you to a higher level.

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