Britney Spears – Work Bitch

PS: This piece was supposed to be titled „The Secrets of Liking Britney”. Somehow, that extra glass of wine (or is it whine? just kidding!) made me rephrase it and mask it in one of my reviews.

Yeah, there’s a secret! Didja really think this is selfexplanatory and not-at-all ming boggling?

No! Liking Britney sits up there with other ideals, of making people more than their decisions. It’s like liking a fat girl for her personality and a nerd for more than his bank account.

You have to see past the techno tempo, past the glittery S&M bras and past the nakedness. You have to be deep and to pay attention.

You better work, bitch!

PS: that comma is important. Don’t let no one tell you otherwise.

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