Review: Black’s Game (2012)

Missing good movies? Why not rewatch? Why not European movies?

In our first years we were taught that only Romanian films are good, with few American exceptions. Years have passed, and we discovered that films can be seen in the exact year they are released, through that magical thingy called cinema. Some more years have passed, and we discovered the internet and it’s power to deliver information in a second. I remember the first years of the internet, after the 00s, when CDs with films that became cult movies were passed between brothers and colleagues and neighbours.

Those were great movies, because we had easy access to them and because most of them were original scripts or good adaptations from other books and media.

Year have passed yet again, and after 2010 I don’t seem to recall that many titles of great movies. I sometimes watch European movies, because of their ingenuity and realism, because they don’t rely on special effects, because they want to tell a good story really, really well with great actors.

Last night I saw a good movie. After failed attempts with Rise of the Zombies, Horrible Bosses and few more titles, I watched Black’s Game.

Stereotypical as it sounds, the first thing I thought was „hmm, Icelandic, must be good”. I am a little bit judgemental and I am sure that, if I had the cance to see the same movie, made in USA, with the same action and title, I wouldn’t have made the effort.

So, on a Sunday night, after walking our handsome pouch, we hit the play button, expecting good cinematic experience.

Yes, it’s violent. It’s about drugs and sex and rape sometimes. It’s about the traps we set for ourselves, about our bad choices and consequences. It has great music, resembling the soundtrack of The Boondock Saints (but just at times, not always).

I loved the casting. All the actors were credible, especially Thor Kristjansson (Stebbi) and Damon Younger (Bruno). Even though the film was doubled in English, it was great. I usually preffer my movies in their native tongue (this is how I found out what a great language Swedish is), so I will check out the original version with English subtitles.

They said the story was inspired by true events and it felt real and cold. The editing and they way they filmed certain scenes were great.

Black’s Game is a crime thriller, not Reservoir Dogs good, but with a strong story, with believeable characters, a great director and a great soundtrack. It’s rating, of only 6.7, reflects the reality, it’s a good movie in a sea of really, really bad Hollywood work.

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    • I can’t beat that. I was down with a cold, so my plan to watch Hansel & Gretel at the cinema was ruined.
      Anyhoo, Rise of the Zombies, with Danny Trejo, has a promising trailer, but the movie was so very aweful, but still funny. I like that kind of movies. So bad that they make you laugh. 🙂

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