All of the writers and singers and geniuses that were blessed enough to be born under the starsign of Capricorn were alcoholics with awful family lives and terrible human skills.
And since I am also a blessed Capricorn, who thinks she can write, sing, draw and paint, and I am so scared of a normal family, I think that I should start drinking, so that my dog can save me from myself when I get too caught up in these shenanigans.


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  1. But why get a normal family? Why not get a husband that can sing, draw and dance with you? Why not teach your dog to bark along?

    Our whole generation is scared of „normal families”, and by normal families we mean mediocre ones. We’re afraid of mediocrity.

    • I am me, my husband is himself. I don’t know what’s normal, for me normal means what’s expected from the glorious society we live in, but I don’t intend to stick to that…

      But I don’t like your question. It seems like my happiness and fullfilment is conditioned by having a husband who is just like me, and I don’t want to be stuck with a copycat.

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