I am glam. I am classy. Drag queen. Straight queer.
In-your-face liar. I dress like a girl, but I’m a dude. I seem happy, but deep down inside, I’m like Joker. Can’t you see I won the Academy Award?
Look at my pony-tail and my high cheek bones. I am a sweet guy, after all, abused by my fuckin’ uncle. But what the heck?
I turned out good. I like the Brad Pitt-type. They look so calm and sweet, so innocent. I wanna pervert them, I wanna get them all dirty with chocoloate and sin.
My hair smells like sin and my buttocks moves quite sexy down the aisle, even though I’m only shopping.
I keep my firm body at the gym, and I buy only designers clothes.
Hug me, love me, teach me how to be human. Accept me as who I am, I am a man with testicles, I love other men with testicles. Don’t you do that too?!

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