Review – Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker

I am not very fond of animated movies, nor am I a shortie fan, but whenever I hear of something involving Tom DeLonge, I’m there. His latest effort with Angels and Airwaves is a very solid work of art, and I was expecting the same quality, if not better, from his upcoming short animated movie, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.

Fortunately, even if you see the trailer, you would not know what to expect from the final movie. Tom DeLonge mostly abuses hints and metaphors, and everything is amplified by the extensive use of Angels and Airwaves tracks.

The music is flawless, as one would expect from Mr. Tom DeLonge, and the visuals are stunning and worthy of your time. Voice wise, the movie could do a bit better, but I’ll let it slide… This time.

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker is, basically, a magnificent blend between the fluidity of Aeon Flux and the sci-fi model experimented in Blade Runner. At the end of the day, the short animated movie brings back and forth concepts scantly explored, but it has the clear advantage of letting its viewers to draw their own conclusions.

And believe you me, those conclusions are all over the place, and watching the film will not be a one time thing. You’ll see it over and over again whenever you need to escape this ugly reality.

Blink-182 on the market

I forgot how punk I am. Just listening to rebels and the stomping pedal (as one would say), just enjoying the music as a filler and as a well-deserved Xanax.

Everytime I hear Tom DeLonge I feel like I am young again and prone to mistakes. And I don’t mind that. I love the feeling of Californian summer and skater skirts and a bass just for me.

Blink-182 is one of the bands I grew up with, one of the many. I have followed them around, like a puppy, so I guess you can call me Fido.

Their music is like me – until 2005 it was young and fun and what-the-heck-mistakes-are-meant-to-be-made, but now it has grown into beautiful poetry.

Yes, I know. I am a little romantic when it comes to my singers and my music, but who’s to say I am wrong with that?

I enjoy it so much, sometimes it’s so peaceful, and sometimes it’s so full of energy, I can’t wait to go outside and laugh.

Yes, Blink-182 has a new record. Yes, they got out of Interscope. Yes, they are still amazing. I just wanna be young again…

And the way Tom says those Ls, you know it’s happening!