Review – Sabaton, Eluveitie & Wisdom

I went last night to see a metal show – I haven’t seen one in a long-long time, so when I bought the tickets, last November, I thought „hmm, why not? they are pretty good”.
I kinda waited for this show, because I felt like I needed the out-of-the-ordinary experience, since my life is filled with going out for a coffee or other drinks, going to a club, walking the dog and oh-so-mighty going to work. Metal was good for me, so I tried to review the concert on the spot, step by step, as everything happened.
The outcome? Sort of a tweeted review, if only I had tweeted it (I still don’t use my Twitter account, so you get the picture). Here comes nothing!


Wisdom not so wise, creatively speaking
Lead singer that stars in a Pantene comercial and also does air guitar
Kinda copy cats – Metallica & Bon Jovi circa 80s
Really really average singer, with high school lyrics and GOT references
Necesary time to pass for you to like Wisdom – one shitty beer from Turbojalle (play on words, omg, I am so witty!) (pic here)


Eluveitie – awesome start!!!
* metal is a genre that can be done in pairs – you get introduced by someone you like and you stay there, as some of the couples present there proved*

Awesome vocal, awesome drummer, Anna missing, but it’s still a great show
Lots of people stuck in the 80s – hairwise
I can’t say too much about Eluveitie, because they were too awesome to make time to record any of it
This, adding my unnecessary swelling of the hands when it gets crowded, made it a little tough to keep track of things (pic here)

*All the cocalari!!! Cocalari metalisti, but still…*


Sabaton ruled the house
Their raw power, and drums and guitars moved an entire mass of people
Romanian flag and also goosebumps (according to Sabaton’s lead singer)

Omg, he’s got the moves like Freddie!!!
I want to hit the drums, not play them! Omg, I forgot how to human!!!!

The Ting Tings – That’s not my name… Oups, error!
Sabaton is a magical show – the lead keeps appearing and disappearing on the stage, makes me think he’s related to Flash
We got to chose the next song, but then we didn’t. Into the fire!
Still wanna be a drummer! Muhaha!
Now I’ve learnt how easy it is to become an arena band – Iron Maiden style
Swedish time!!! A lifetime of war – easy pick
Swedish – such a beatiful language, I can’t understand shit :))
ABBA, wtf is wrong with us? :))
Weird music, omg!
And then some emo stuff…
So I had to go, cause of all that tiredness and stuff… (pic here)

Wisdom 4/10
Eluveitie 10/10
Sabaton 8/10