Do All Guys Cheat?

I don’t know. But I bet they’re thinking about it.

I’m not sure of how many girls cheat, I’m not sure if I would cheat like, ever (Valley girl-like tone)! But I know one thing for sure.

Everybody is thinking about it.

I thought about it, even if I was single or not. It’s a question of morale, but it’s a hard test to pass in real life.

You have to think about it, if you wanna lie, or come clean, or just plain forget about it. But you also have to think about the other option – do you want to know? Do you need to know? What would you do if you have a cheater next to you?

I sometimes wonder how would it be if I were to cheat on someone. Based on my past experiences, it would be someone who’d I think of as a good partner, a steady rock or something. I’d also like for the one I’m cheating with to be a girl. It feels more safe, a little less prejudiced and a little more loving.

But I also wonder how would it be if someone were to cheat on me (note: I only know of this one guy who sort of cheated on me, but not quite). I am the forgiving type, not a big fan of revenge, so I guess he’d be clean in no time.

Do all people cheat? Who knows? People aren’t true to themselves, do you really think they’re gonna tell you their darkest secret?