Effort Comes With The Color Purple

Effort comes with the color purple.
I didn’t know that, so I was just staring.
Effort was staring back at me.

Dressed in my white, ruffled dress, I felt naked and alone.
In the end, I was just staring at Effort.

He looked back at me, his purple eyes lost in his purple fur.
“Well, how ‘bout it?” he meowed.

I blinked, a little scared, but all I could see with my eyes closed was purple.
“I really don’t like your dress” he said, licking one of his paws.
“I think you look like a farm girl.”

I couldn’t say anything.
“Let me show you what I can do” Effort said.

And then he proceeded in meowing while his paws and tail were bending and breaking. I was scared he was in pain, but…
“It’s nothing, it doesn’t hurt” he said to me.

So I watched the purple cat transforming, his limbs going in the wrong direction, his tail instead of his head, his head now becoming wings.
I was scared and crying, but my purple little Effort was no more. Instead, in front me there was this tall creature, with wings and what-not, eight-legged, roaring out of its butt and blinking from somewhere in the middle of its torso.

“See, this is what you should do when you don’t know what to do. If everything fails, take the effort and re-imagine everything. Meow.”

In the end, I was becoming purple myself. I was another effort, another try.

*Tema de aici.