I’d Love It If We Made It

I’d love it if we made it,
This world of our is so complete,
Inside my head,
Between these old bones of mine,
I’d love it if we made it real.
Stop wasting time,
Stop wasting me away,
As I disintegrate in salty tears,
Irrational fears are eating me away.
I’d love it if we made it,
I’d be happy if we could just pretend to make it.
Fuck your feelings.

Nice and True

The time is blind,
and maybe dead,
but all that counts
is how to hide
inside my head.
Nothing to love,
nothing to cherish,
nothing but stabbed eyes,
wads of cash,
I’ll feed you scars and ashes,
tell me – is it all about the gashes
of truth and dare.
There’s nothing behind me but blank stares.
I’d love to watch you dance,
undress your sins,
unclench your fists,
I’d feed you drugs and fame,
you’d do me on your knees
wouldn’t that be lame?
I’d use you
and abuse me,
I’d feed you nothings
and pieces of everything.
All of the hate,
all of the dirt,
the jizz and the squirt,
the spit and the shit.
And you’ll fall for me,
and I’d fall for you,
wouldn’t that be nice and true?


Toxic sounds that fill my ears,
Toxic sounds through all these years,
All the words that left your mouth
Left me broken, filled with doubt.
Toxic eyes that never dream,
Toxic eyes of hate supreme,
All the looks and colors full,
You are just a rock – so dull.
Toxic fingers, filled with poison,
Toxic fingers, so unchosen,
All you left behind was burnt,
All I have on me is hurt.

Love Wins

Love wins the battle,
But not the war.
Inside my heart there’s nothing,
And all I am is sore
From all the breathing and the bruising.
Tell me who finishes this time?
Is it the sparkly angel,
Or devils – hundred, at one dime?
Love lies when you tell me
It conquers with its might.
I gave up all the feelings,
I want to lose this fight.


I think you could have been an extraordinary friend.
A smile to keep, a helping hand.
But in the end you chose to step away,
Leaving me heartless, leaving me prey.
Your words have touched and maybe drowned a few,
How could I know? I wish I knew
The darkness and the whole despair within,
The tragic words, the sweetness of the sin.
You dig me holes, in which I voluntarily fall.
You never knew me. You never knew it all.
Life’s but a bittersweet assortment of the things
I knew and loved and all that’s left are kings.

What’s Love Got To Do With It

What’s love got to do with it,
you keep asking in the dead of night.
I’m sick of all that fright,
and all the might,
and the taste of your bite,
and I can’t see the light.
Your tongue is whipping me,
and you can’t hear my plea.
What’s love go to do with it?