Blink-182 on the market

I forgot how punk I am. Just listening to rebels and the stomping pedal (as one would say), just enjoying the music as a filler and as a well-deserved Xanax.

Everytime I hear Tom DeLonge I feel like I am young again and prone to mistakes. And I don’t mind that. I love the feeling of Californian summer and skater skirts and a bass just for me.

Blink-182 is one of the bands I grew up with, one of the many. I have followed them around, like a puppy, so I guess you can call me Fido.

Their music is like me – until 2005 it was young and fun and what-the-heck-mistakes-are-meant-to-be-made, but now it has grown into beautiful poetry.

Yes, I know. I am a little romantic when it comes to my singers and my music, but who’s to say I am wrong with that?

I enjoy it so much, sometimes it’s so peaceful, and sometimes it’s so full of energy, I can’t wait to go outside and laugh.

Yes, Blink-182 has a new record. Yes, they got out of Interscope. Yes, they are still amazing. I just wanna be young again…

And the way Tom says those Ls, you know it’s happening!