Review: Tarja Turunen & Mike Terrana – Beauty and The Beat

Last night I checked one more concert for this year (not the last, people, I am not that shallow when it comes to music!).

I went to see Tarja Turunen (I think we can stop associating her with Nightwish) with the awesome Mike Terrana, a beast of a drummer with mad skillz (bro! I always wanted to say that).

While I never liked her with Nightwish (yeah, I’m biting my own tongue now, with association and stuff), I really enjoyed her last night. I found out she’s a funny person and very-very friendly with her fans, and not a diva (as they used to say).

Mike Terrana is a well known drummer (I won’t bother you with history, since that would be imposing from my part and we don’t want or need that) and I haven’t had the chance to „meet” him face to face until last night. I discovered a dude a year older than my mom, with energy to spare, and who could easily be the beauty in all that stuff that happened at Sala Palatului (I thought that because at first, Tarja wasn’t her full-blown awesome self and I was afraid that her recovery was still in progress).

Being a classical meets rock music type of concert, they also had an orchestra, with its director providing high quality comic relief.

The first part of the concert was bent on teaching people great classics (Carmen for life! and also Bach), with a mix of Tarja + orchestra / Mike + orchestra very well ballanced.

I really loved the blend that was Tarja and the orchestra – they felt like they were the same body, coming over you like a wave. This all happened during The Rain – this being the first song that really captured their unity.

At one point, Mike really-really wanted to siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! But more on that, after the break.

The second part of the show came with a female director instead, who was a very graceful woman, leading a very Tarja-ey cover of Queen’s You Take My Breath Away.

The rendition for Witch Hunt, with the previous director and Mike, was absolutely grandiose, followed by a Led Zeppelin medley (really, really awesome!).

After some Looney Tunes music (as I call it, because I am a blasphemer when it comes to classical music), there was some I Could’ve Danced All Night (which I know from Glee, don’t hit me, please!) and also Mike, who sang some Sinatra, with Tarja on drums, because… Well, if he can do it, anyone can! (To quote Tarja).

After listening to Tarja’s version of I Feel Pretty and Mike’s approach on Mozart, we got to hear I Walk Alone, full power on, speakers blasting, hearts pumping, hearts on sleeve and all that.

I was a magical night, it gave me goosebumps and feeling and shivers down my spine. And if that’s not the sign of a good concert, then what is?