lockdown syndrome

oh, what a year this has been,
as if this ocean kept trembling,
moving, shaking,
and i was just this piece in the middle of nowhere,
with no control over other people’s bodies.
their thoughts, their minds,
their hugs and their kisses,
all lost, between my thoughts
and my lack of mind,
between our arms there’s only distance,
and no one is clingy now,
because how can we cling to each other
when all we have is ourselves?
the clocks are static, but the dates keep moving on,
and we’re trying to survive,
we’re trying to keep everyone alive,
and they try to keep their finances alive.
no one knows what they’re doing,
but they do know what we’re doing,
and it’s clear by now that no one is doing the right thing.
the shifts are both massive and small,
just like the ticks and the tocks,
i used to think i have it all,
but what a time to be alive.
i keep hiding behind locks,
transported from bed to desk,
from dreaming of you to a nightmare so grotesque,
where people sneeze on me and hug me.
oh, what a year this has been.

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