Why are you so loud?
It’s night outside,
The lights, they are out,
And here you are, one with the crowd,
Chasing my dreams
Inside and out.
And here I stand, with borrowed time,
Asking you why you continue to hide,
And showing you all of my insides
And out.
Oh god, why are you being so loud?
It’s like your breath
Scratches my inside,
And I wear your wreath instead of a crown,
And here I stand, with borrowed time,
Asking you why are you being so loud?
I have no desire to ask and enquire,
I am walking on your tight rope wire,
Asking to get higher and higher,
Hoping that you won’t be so much louder.
But I’m not saved by space, nor by time,
And yet you keep hurting all my insides,
I feel you scratching my vessels, my bones,
Tearing me down, building me stones,
Putting me up on crosses and walls,
Oh god, you’re taking me closer to clouds,
Oh god, and now you’re just being too loud.
There’s no solution, no resolution in sight,
There’s noise and screaming and blood letting inside,
There’s poisonous breathing wrestling, and wondrous plight,
And you’re the one bleeding and making me fight,
My eyes are turning a colour of tight,
No blessings wandering on the outside,
And here is my question, powerful reside,
Why, oh why, are you being so loud?

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