Crossbow Heroes

darylSince it’s Halloween season, this must mean it’s costume season. And that means costumes at work, with friends, by yourself, on your kitty or whatever. And because I like to play with hair colors and lengths, this doesn’t leave me too much time to properly plan out the perfect outfit.

But this year I got it! I could go as Daryl Dixon, badass extraordinaire, since I have his brown locks and the will to kill some zombie ass.

katnissOr I could go as Katniss Everdeen, since I share her equally bland hair color and her love of archery.

Which brings me to my next love – Buffy. A few years back I dressed up (well, not so much, since it was actually the skimpiest outfit I own paired with knee high boots) as her, and everyone knows Buffy is such a badass with crossbows. And rocket launchers too.

And I’m thinking… Why don’t I go take crossbow lessons? I should grow in my badass skin, ain’t no denying. And that’s what I’ll do!

Pics: 1, 2, 3.

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