Careful not to trip over that middle-sized, normal looking stone. Careful. Caaaareful.

I fuckin’ said careful. Dammit, Carl! Are you stupid or what?

It’s fine, eh. Whatever. Though this rain is un-fuckin-believable, and the wind pierces through my jacket like a mother stabs the ears of her newborn.

But it’s fine. Whatever. It’s not like I care. Though the shoes are fine as fuck, even if they are half a size bigger than what I would normally need.

Who said something about need? I didn’t need those, but hey! They were there, they were asking for it! Didn’t they?

I mean, look at them. Sure, now they’re muddied and a bit scratched, because, dammit, Carl, you fuckin’ moron, you trip and fell like there are pillows on the ground, not the motherfucking ground!

But at first they were pristine, white – so fuckin’ white, and those three black lines on the side… I almost felt a quarter of an errection and my full heart filled with pride.

But dammit, Carl. You fuckin’ moron. Must you trip and fell each and every time?!

Great! Just great!

Now the change is coming out of your pockets like a gay jew in front of his parents. What the fuck, Carl? What the actual fuck?

Damn, this body is heavy.

Well, no wonder the shoes are half a size bigger. The guy is 6’3″.

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