The strangest magics run through me
They follow blood
And listen to the sea
And everything’s so deep
And I can’t see
What’s standing right in front of me.
The strangest words are uttered by non sense
I am right here, living in present tense.
And I can’t seem to find again my innocence
I am as lost as you, but I’m not burning as intense.
The strangest feelings in the loneliest of hours,
Please let me listen how my soul devours
Moments so true, so fake, so unforgotten
Moments of awkward peace
As you hit rock bottom.
The strangest thoughts I never dreamt of having
Are running through my ugly veins,
And I am shaking
Because I found what I have never searched for
It’s just this corpse, so ridden and so worried
That I longed for.

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