And You’ll Know Me

And you’ll know me
By the smell of the dead
I leave behind.
And you’ll know
I’ve been inside you
When you’ll feel my hand
Ripping through you.
And you’ll see the steps,
And you’ll smell the fear,
And you’ll still hold me dear,
And I’ll still use your blood to smear
My face and eyes,
My knees, your ties,
Your veins are deep,
I love that shit!
And you’ll know me in you,
And I’ll tell you I love you.
And you know I do,
I really do!
Please take this blade,
Swallow it whole,
You dirty, fucking mole.
And now you know me,
Ain’t that great?
Your blood, your sweat,
All of it bears my name.
And everything is just the same
As it was before you knew me.

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