Verbal Violence – Men Vs. Women

Men tend to hit women, either with words chosen to hurt, either with blows that make you say „I fell”, „I tripped”, „I hit a door”, because balancing strength and humanity is a difficult task, apparently.

Whenever they have nothing else to say about your faults, they always start with non sense like „slut”, „cow”, „bitch”, „stupid”, and so on, because whenever they’re out of reasons they hate you, it’s easier to offend you.

I’m not always a feminist, but I can’t help but be disturbed by this behavior. I, as a woman, was called names either because I made my male counterpart feel weak or small or stupid, or because I have ignored male attention at some point.

Don’t get me wrong, but these situations make it seem like men sometimes want us submissive and obedient, and they act like little children unused to opinions different from their own.

Yes, women are mean to each other, and their words might sting a little bit more, if told with the right tone and choice of lettering. But men tend to go and offend that very part of you that makes you doubt yourself, just because they know it’s easier. It’s easy to overthrow a woman by saying she’s fat, because she’ll start fasting. It’s easier to make her take a one way trip to guilt town by saying she’s a slut, cause she’ll go home and start counting every little kiss she gave during her short lifetime. It’s easier to make her doubt her own intelligence by saying she’s stupid, cause she’ll think why the fuck is she so stupid to stay with a scumbag like you.

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