Trial and Error

Having tried several TV shows and failing miserably each time (I’m looking at you, Bones, Fringe, The Mentalist, Supernatural, and so on), as well as trying the same move with different movies, most of them starring the current Mr. Jolie (Se7en and Fight Club being the most notable examples), I can conclude that I am a trier unwilling to let go and unwilling to accept defeat, indifferent of the form it takes.

By these means I am now ready to punish myself for wasting my time and years trying repeatedly to fill in some unwritten norms and failing miserably.

At the same time, I am ready to applaud my stoic manner of pursuing things out of my comfort zone, even though they made me gag or fall asleep each and every single time.

This rant has been cause by several articles per day, read by yours truly, articles which glorify some content products made for entertaining purposes only and not for self-torture, as I was (wrongly) using them.

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      • Well, it’s not that I didn’t like it, I remeber that I watched the first episode several times before I finally quit trying, and that first episode proved to be so boring that I fell asleep at least once and I can’t seem to remeber anything else beside this about this frickin’ show 🙂

      • After a while it got better – I watched it for Anna Torv, of course, eye candy all the way 😀 (she gets red hair at some point in time)

      • I had to Google her, I had no idea she existed in this reality.
        Well, eye candy wasn’t enough for me, Joshua Jackson’s good looks did nothing to help me bear with the agony of falling asleep while watching Fringe. :))

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