The Wind

I am love, the Wind speaks to me.
I smile and trust and play like a child, and my Wind takes me in his arms.
I am love, the Wind speaks to me.

And then there’s only silence. And love. And Wind. And I am gone in a second, because my time passes when I don’t want it to and because my time doesn’t pass at all when I want it to.

I am love, I speak to the Wind.
But the Wind doesn’t smile, nor does it trust, nor does it play like a child.
And I am left with no one to take in my arms.
In the end, I’m not even love.

Memory Lane

Today I took the road back to Memory Lane, reading old poems and stories and old articles about the music in my life.

Back in 2008, when I started this blog, I never thought I’d go this far with it. Actually, I took a break from blogging and writing all together, in 2010, if my memory serves me right.

It’s funny reliving all these thoughts and feelings and I find it amazing that the same songs still move me.

May 26th was the first day I ever wrote something on my own, not a forum run by idiots. So this year I will celebrate this little thing called blog, since it’s its 5th anniversary. 5 is also my favorite number and my lucky number.

I’ll go back to reading my memoirs. I’m on page 24 out of 32, but I started reading it backwards.

Horror Story

horror story I am a horror story; you should be afraid to pick me up, lead me on, make me fall in love with you, let me down and break my heart.
Cause if you do all those things, I promise you I’ll hunt you down, because I don’t let go that easily, I’ll take my soul back and leave you there for dead.