you can bend me,
but not break me,
mold me into cups so i can fit,
soon i’ll be spilling my guts outside of it,
and you’ll be left with overflowing rage.
you can stretch me,
but not break me,
pull at my insides from one corner to another,
soon i’ll be covering the whole world with wonder,
and you’ll be stuck underneath.
you can compress me,
but not break me,
squeeze my skull into my other bones,
soon i’ll have a river of blood close,
and you’ll get to drown in it.
my name is resilience,
that’s why you can’t break me.
even if you kill me,
my spirit will take me
away from this earth and into the minds
of people willing to listen this time.


i’m just a tiny spec of soul,
forgotten in this rotten world,
i smell of lie and lies and i am whole,
with all my golden treasures and my heart purled,
i give you life and i give you trust,
and if you must,
i’ll give you me,

Fifteen, or Maybe Twenty Years

When we are born,
we lose ourselves.
Our parents take us,
nurture us,
or maybe torture us,
stalling our memories of former selves,
keeping us from finding ourselves.
All they seem to do is shaping us in ways they think are best,
or ways they wish they could’ve taken long ago,
but mostly ways that other people told them about.
And all those ways are usually nothing like what we want to become,
and it’s confusing,
and it’s hurtful,
and nothing here seems to work,
because we wait fifteen, or maybe twenty years
to regain that sense of self that was taken from us
long time ago.
We don’t deserve the stalling and the tears,
but thinking about what we could be gets up through all the years
of pain and suffering and not being ourselves.

Maybe you found yourself today.
Go on, talk to yourself, see what you have to say.



when i was younger i abused my dreams,
i’ve lost count of times spent with wrong people,
giving the wrong hugs,
losing precious moments.
when i was younger i forgot a lot about myself,
and felt like my value was somehow less because of everything i never was.
i made a habit out of waiting for people to become
what they never truly were.
when i was younger i lost myself so many times,
tearing my heart and dreams away,
giving them to people who did not deserve me,
instead of giving them to me.
when i was younger i was so foolish,
but i don’t wish i’d live that time again.
cause this is the time i am me,
and this is when you’ve met me.


handsAin’t it funny when songs and movies and basically anything and everything makes sense all of a sudden?

I used to think my life was reserved for a bleak practical non-existence, therefor I must admit I am quite astonished and thrilled by the greatness it has right now.

Everything in this life is tastier than ever before, all of my experiences are worth mentioning and each and everyday is a blessing. Not a blessing in disguise, but a true moment to be savored permanently.

I’ve come to calm and peace and quiet. I’ve come to mornings of smile and nights of mingled limbs. I’ve come to passion and silence and I feel like I finally found my everything.

Maybe I did. I really hope I did. Because I could not bear the thought that everything that you are is not truly my everything.