And there are thoughts I nurture and protect,
Deep down inside, where everything is wrecked,
The lights I hold on, the fears I try to let go,
The more I live, the less I know.
But still I try my best at guarding
Everything you keep discarding,
And then I care for every little thing in me,
But it’s like locking me up and throwing out the key.
I don’t blame you, yet I don’t blame me.
We’re limited in different ways, you see.
When you go high and I go low,
No one is friend, no one is foe.

All Too Well

So many words are minced,
swallowed before being tasted,
and feelings are broken before being felt,
and nothing tastes like summer
even though there are 40 degrees outside,
no wind in sight,
no love in mind,
and can we pretend we’re independent now?
So many things are lost in between
breaths that mean nothing,
so many weird dreams are broken before we even close our eyes,
and so many sunrises start before midnight,
only to die down at 2 am
when nothing good ever happens,
but cold hands,
and the awkwardest of hugs.


adun salbatice cuvinte,
si tot ce am acum in minte
e intrebarea daca el ma minte
cat eu stau si-l astept cuminte.
adun si rasuflari pierdute,
si nu mai are cine sa le-asculte
daca are sau nu cine sa m-ajute,
intre cafele cu arome de cucute.
adun tresariri ciudate,
si ceasul cand de miez de noapte bate
adu-ti aminte, dragul meu, ca sapte
sunt si-amare virtuti, si dulci pacate.


i’m just a tiny spec of soul,
forgotten in this rotten world,
i smell of lie and lies and i am whole,
with all my golden treasures and my heart purled,
i give you life and i give you trust,
and if you must,
i’ll give you me,


casele mele inca nu s-au construit,
n-am caramizi, si nici mortar,
cimentul mi s-a intarit doar pe picioare,
si-as vrea sa fug departe,
dar ma doare
ca poate vantul si cuvantul
imi vor stramba din nou
atat de rece si pustiu.
eu ratacesc si inca nu stiu,
n-am casa, loc de atarnat de oase,
n-am liniste, dar poate
le voi gasi candva pe toate.
cu tine, fara tine, nici ca-mi pasa.
eu doar vreau sa fiu din nou acasa.


you sending me pictures
while you cuddle her
and stay on her floor,
and in the morning
you knock on my door
with a coffee in hand.
why can’t i understand?
you sending me pictures
means nothing but that.
it’s in the smiles and the features,
in the phone that you tap
with fervor and ardor.
you sending me pictures
is wrong
while you cuddle her.
sleep on her floor
and knock on her door,
stop borrowing time
from this soul of mine.

Breathe Me In

Sunt multe lucruri pe care le simt, le vreau, le doresc cu intarziere, dar ma bucur de un singur lucru mic si amarat – macar am ajuns in punctul in care sa simt, sa vreau, sa doresc…
A trecut atata timp, aglomerat cu frustrari si neputinta, a trecut atata amar de vreme amara, m-am ofilit si vestejit si n-a fost nimeni sa ma scoata la liman, dar uite ca uneori trebuie doar sa te scoti singur.
Acum, e-adevarat, locul din dreapta mea e gol, dar nu imi plang de mila – ma mir inca de faptul ca pe locul din stanga lui sunt eu, caci anul trecut pe vremea asta asteptam sfarsitul. Singura mea greseala era ca-l asteptam pe-al meu.
Acum trebuie sa ma invat sa-mi pese iar, sa nu mai fiu robotul asta trist din mine si, poate, cu timpul, se vor ivi si alte motive de respirat. I’ll breathe me in for now, and you can do that too.
Everyone welcome to my funeral
Everyone I know better be wasted
You know I would pour one up
Cause the way I lived, it was amazing
All of my friends are in the room
Party for me – I’d party too