It Ended With A Bang

All of my stories are hidden inside this trap, inside this body, inside this mind, and nothing I can do is going to set them free. All I wish for now is a peace of mind, a peace of body, and all I can hope for is silence.
Years have passed since that awful, god forgotten night – the night when I lost it all. I lost my home, I lose my love, I lost my hope, I lost my planet. That night I was transform utterly and completely and now I am just a shamble, a humble shadow of the person I was before.
See, sometimes before that I was happy and I blissfully ignored everything that went wrong in this world. Sometimes before the day I am telling you about I was living the life. I had a family, a house, a place in this world, and everything I did had a meaning.
The grass was never greener on my side, but it was an okish shade of green, and I was happy with it. My body was young and powerful, and my mind was sharp and inquisitive. I remember having long, lustrous locks of a sandy color, and I remember my legs going up and up, and my breasts were full and perky. I loved Sharia, this girl with dark brown skin and green eyes, and our skins were so different from one another, I can’t even begin to imagine it again.
Her skin against mine was shiny and smooth, with no hairs on it, with no curves, but with fire inside. My skin was pale and awkward and cold, but I always got warmer when I was next to her. Her green eyes were some beautiful gems, with some fiery red in them and some cool dark blue, and they spoke of wonders, and I always was subjugated by them. She could rule the world with only one look, but she never did.
Our home was barren, silent and white, but it was all we needed. The sun always made its way in our home, through our enormous windows, and it was always peaceful and warm.
The world we lived in was great, filled with music, and dreams, and hopes, and there was always a place for everything.
I am not sure how we got here, or at least I try my best to remain unsure.
I don’t want to remember. Everything I remember is her becoming evil, and I don’t want to remember that.
Let me tell you about the time she kissed me for the first time. Or let me tell you how she moved whenever my hands found her. Let me tell you how her skin next to mine made me feel a thousand itches and tingles under my skin, and let me tell you how her eyes melt whenever I touched her.
Let me tell you about the love letter she sent me the first time she met my parents.
Let me tell you about the song she used to play in the lazy Sunday sun.
Let me tell you how she ate with little forks.
And please, please, for the love of god, let me tell you about her tiny little toes, those toes that curled up over my shoulders.
Let me tell you about her hair, the hair that fell down her shoulders, and let me tell you how she used to eat her breakfast.
Let me tell you about her love of coffee and her great mind that spoke like no other.
Let me tell you about her weird stories, about her spaceships and her people, and let me tell you about her eye.
I’ll tell you about the things I never knew were real, until I truly understood her.
She has one – just one single eye. Her appearance is just a scrambled imagine that basically transformed her into whatever you wanted.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so she showed me exactly what I wanted to see.
She manipulated me into thinking she was this angel, and for fucks sake, she was the devil.
Between her legs laid this magnificent trap – inside her vulva was this little gem that controlled her and everyone around her. The Great Gem of Analousou.
I first saw it one night, when her trap was not as stable as usual. Her speech was weird, and outside was pouring. Electrical storms were almost foreseeable, so I closed all the windows, except for one. She kept begging me to close it, but the humid heat was unbearable.
We went to bed, but she was weird and twitchy, even as I started kissing her skin inch by inch. As I went down on her, something started glistening. Sharia tried to lift my head up, but I was a bit stubborn and my touch and my tongue were at least calming her, so she let me continue.
I thought the flickering light was from outside, even though there were no lightning, but I was too absorbed – that’s the right word for it – by whatever happened between Sharia’s legs, to even think about it.
That was the beginning.
It started with a flicker. It ended with a bang.
She banged me, and then she banged the world into oblivion. And I am left here, silent witness. And who the fuck are you and why are you listening to my story?!
Who are you? Why are you looking at me like that?!


“Poor bastard, she doesn’t know what hit her,” Sharia turned her back on the white door and moved on.
As she distanced herself from it, you could read the number on it.
Earth 03.
Sharia’s chart read “Millicent Brown. Earth 03. Population: 1”.
It truly ended with a bang, I guess.


Behind the white door a light keeps flickering. I feel a burning sensation between my legs, but I am too scared to look down. My body is weird, and it feels itchy, and everything inside me trembles with anticipation. The Gem is inside me, and I will burst in 3… 2… 1.

Population 1.

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